today we wandered

today we wandered
through the empty streets of suburbia
today i pondered
constant thoughts of you

today we kissed
in the pedestrian tunnel
i'm glad we haven't missed
too many chances like that

today we drank
coffee and soda
and fucked in a tank, that was in my head.

today we sat in a bench
on my front porch
and through her french
doors, my neighbor watched

today we lied
to my mother
and i did confide
my secrets with you

today we sang
songs of love
where those scarves hang
off the trees

today you held me
and ran uphill
in a medley
of excitement and anticipation

today we wandered
through the empty streets of suburbia
today i pondered
constant thoughts of you

you saved me

as i climb into my bed
remembering what you just said
all these thoughts running through my head
but your voice stands out from it all

i roll over and pretend that you're here
hold myself close, wishing you near
squeezing my ribs, ignoring the fear
i need to calm down

it seems that i can't
and i start to pant
and the voice in my head rants
at me

my body starts to shake
and i feel myself quake
or is this all fake
am i not moving at all

the silence is screaming
and i must be dreaming
because this is all seeming
so unreal

soon i relax
i am past the climax
i hate this attacks
they scare me to tears

and tears i now shed
now that i am freed from my dread
though now i feel dead
but now i hear your voice

your voice, your voice
it doesn't give me a choice
it sees me and hoists
me out of that horrible place

the sound that i have memorized
and all that i have compromised
to see that look in your eyes
and it has been worth it all

you save me from
this horrible conundrum
life would be so glumb
with out your shine

you are my sunshine
the light that is divine
am more than proud to call you mine
am proud to love you

Top 10 lists....and I thought I wasn't going to talk about myself

Top 9 favorite things: What I can't live without
1) my girlfriend - I am so not mentally stable enough to handle that break up
2) my iPod  - everyone needs music, right?
3) my cell phone - it's pretty crappy, but what could I if I couldn't talk to my girlfriend when i didn't see her for a whole fifteen minutes....ya....I'm a loser.
4) my laptop - yes, this very one....I love this laptop *pets with creepy smile*
5) my bass - I named her Siren, which I'm sure you all know that Sirens were the seductresses from The Odyssey that would lure sailors to their death with their lovely that I think about it, that's a lot to live up to. I'm sorry, Siren!!
6) - for all those times my teachers assigned work cited sheets for essays thinking that that's how they were knock our grades down.
7) music - i would have mentioned this earlier, but I believe that is covered with by iPod, though it may seem like just a portable music player, it holds music, and music is the window to the soul.....or is that eyes?
8) band class: what would I do if I couldn't spend an hour making fun of Grant on rests or playing ninja in the hallway while everyone else is testing?
9) chocolate - technically it is a necessity. what do all human need to survive? FOOD, shelter, and....crap. can't remember the last one.

Top 9 Least favorite things: What I most definitely could live without
1) my period - i know a little bit graphic, but when you have cramps and your back hurts and your have a headache and you're spending how much money on tampons (?), there's no questions asked.
2) Attention whores - no explanation needed
3) text books - they're heavy and you can go online just as easily to do the homework.
4) biology - my teacher's crazy and you can't understand anything under her heavy, Asian accent, not to mention she assigns the most homework out of all of my classes.
5) previews - i do have a tendency to exaggerate, but this time I'm not, I have spent 15 minutes after a movie was supposed to START sitting through them. How unnecessary is that?
6) mariah carey - does anyone really need to sing that high?
7)  Old people - they smell funny and we spend all our tax money on social security and medicare. They don't even go out and buy anything off their pension to stimulate the economy. They just sit around tell war stories or asking if you fed the dog.
8) the insert button that I just hit
9) Japanese people - they make the rest of us look bad