Rachel S. (la_marip0sa) wrote,
Rachel S.

describing my gf in quotes....?

"she's got the kind of looks that defy gravity" shakira 'don't bother'
"loud and proud" like, everyone says that, right?
"treat others as they treat you" jesus, the golden rule (may be worded incorrectly, but that's the basic idea).
"i wanna be a poweece officer *wide eyes*" probably about half my kindergarten class
"i wanna take you to the gar bar" electric six
"you're as cute as a button" ingrid (her mom--talking to me)
"boop boop de doop" betty boop (obviously)
"this one last girl you mentioned, smile one last shot at redemption," relient k
"i hear the whispered words, in the masterpiece beautiful, you speak the unspeakable" flyleaf 'i want to be there for you'
"dontcha wish your girlfriend was a FREAK like me" pussycat dolls 'dontcha'
"we need to tone it up a notch" david bromsted
um...okie, so not the best way of describing her, but doing it in normal words is hard too....she just too awesome

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