Rachel S. (la_marip0sa) wrote,
Rachel S.

in my head

in my head
your nails dig into my back
and your legs tighten around my hips
as they grind into your
sweet pink lips

in my head
i am cluthing the end
of our new toy
with my inner muscles
and i slip the other end
carefully inside you
your soft moans start
as i had hoped they would

in my head
we are pushing
and pulling
against eachother
our muscles contracting
everything tightening
and loosening
at the same time

in my head
you lie on your side
and i hold you from behind,
my dear little spoon.
i press my breasts close
and slide my leg
between yours
to seperate them as i
carress your curves

in my head
your soft skin
is sweating against mine
as i slam into
your tight little crevice
that you have hidden
from the rest of the world

in my head
my rubber cock
is deep inside you
work your g-spot
aswell as mine

in my head
you are wearing nothing--
not even socks
of course,
neither am i

in my head
our moans serenade
eachothers will
to keep going
i keep going strong

in my head
you carefully rest your back
against my knees
and your hands pull
at your own hair
as my own hands grab your ass
bring your sweet lips closer
more for me to eat

in my head
your clit is hard
against my lips
as i tug
as i pull
as i like

in my head
my fingers are swimming
inside of you
i love the feel
of  the rough and smooth skin
found only on the inside

in my head
i hold you close
as you breath softly
against my chest
and you tell me
that you can hear my heart beat
and i tell you
that my heart is serenading you
it's singing you a lullaby


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