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from beach to goo gone

today, i went to the beach with myriam's family, and her, her brother and i all got tar all over our feet within fifteen minutes. we soon left (we were at huntington beach, by the way). when we got back, Ingrid (myriam's mom) googled how to get tar off, and it said nailpolish remover, so we worked at out tarry feet for a good ten minutes, until myriam ran over to her neighbor's house to ask them if they had anything to get rid of tar. They gave us "goo gone" and i t worked really well, and we got hte majority of it off within 5 minutes, and it didn't burn myriam's sensitive feet (my feet are heavily calloused). So ya, just thought you should all be warned to not only stay away from huntington beach, but that if you do get tar, on anything, that goo gone works really well.
Tags: goo gone, huntington beach, tar

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