Writer's Block: Mind reader

If you were given the choice to read one other person's thoughts, but only if they could read yours too, would you take it? If so, who would you choose, and why?

Yes, I would do it with my girlfriend and tell her I love her. I wouldn't do it to feel the love (though that would be awesome aswell), rather, I would want her to know how much I love her, because I know she's still scared.

thank you, mimi <3

Let’s turn the lights down low, oh
Turn the lights down, I got a movie
We can watch until you fall asleep on my chest
So tell me right now, oh
So tell me right now, is there any place
You'd rather be other than here, let’s forget the rest
And I swear I swear when I first saw you
And talked to you, you'd give me purpose
With every single word you'd say
You took my breath away

I am so high I'm never coming down
Because you're mine, and you've decided to stay around
And as time is taken away, you stay the same, you stay the same
You stay here with me

And our futures are splitting us apart as we speak
We'll get to that when it comes around
None of that really matters now
Because you're here with me
So tell me you love me, because it makes me feel alive
For the first time
I love you too

Tell me how long we have up here
Away from everything we fear
Cause I don't wanna come back down tonight
I swear I will fight until we're the last to stand
Until it's you left holding my hand
And oh our love will burn so bright


describing my gf in quotes....?

"she's got the kind of looks that defy gravity" shakira 'don't bother'
"loud and proud" like, everyone says that, right?
"treat others as they treat you" jesus, the golden rule (may be worded incorrectly, but that's the basic idea).
"i wanna be a poweece officer *wide eyes*" probably about half my kindergarten class
"i wanna take you to the gar bar" electric six
"you're as cute as a button" ingrid (her mom--talking to me)
"boop boop de doop" betty boop (obviously)
"this one last girl you mentioned, smile one last shot at redemption," relient k
"i hear the whispered words, in the masterpiece beautiful, you speak the unspeakable" flyleaf 'i want to be there for you'
"dontcha wish your girlfriend was a FREAK like me" pussycat dolls 'dontcha'
"we need to tone it up a notch" david bromsted
um...okie, so not the best way of describing her, but doing it in normal words is hard too....she just too awesome
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in my head

in my head
your nails dig into my back
and your legs tighten around my hips
as they grind into your
sweet pink lips

in my head
i am cluthing the end
of our new toy
with my inner muscles
and i slip the other end
carefully inside you
your soft moans start
as i had hoped they would

in my head
we are pushing
and pulling
against eachother
our muscles contracting
everything tightening
and loosening
at the same time

in my head
you lie on your side
and i hold you from behind,
my dear little spoon.
i press my breasts close
and slide my leg
between yours
to seperate them as i
carress your curves

in my head
your soft skin
is sweating against mine
as i slam into
your tight little crevice
that you have hidden
from the rest of the world

in my head
my rubber cock
is deep inside you
work your g-spot
aswell as mine

in my head
you are wearing nothing--
not even socks
of course,
neither am i

in my head
our moans serenade
eachothers will
to keep going
i keep going strong

in my head
you carefully rest your back
against my knees
and your hands pull
at your own hair
as my own hands grab your ass
bring your sweet lips closer
more for me to eat

in my head
your clit is hard
against my lips
as i tug
as i pull
as i like

in my head
my fingers are swimming
inside of you
i love the feel
of  the rough and smooth skin
found only on the inside

in my head
i hold you close
as you breath softly
against my chest
and you tell me
that you can hear my heart beat
and i tell you
that my heart is serenading you
it's singing you a lullaby

Writer's Block: Daydream believer

If you could choose to control your dreams, would you? If so, what would you dream about?

i don't know if i would choose to full-out control them, but a little decision here and there would be nice. if i could choose what to dream about then i would want it to be about me and myriam--a happy dream about me and myriam. as for the details, i think it would be best if i let my brain come up with that.

let's take a trip

let's take a trip
into the sea
we'll rent a sub
for just you and me

let's take a trip
into the hills
there we will find
all of life's thrills

let's take a trip
to a foreign land
where they eat weird food
and we'll come back tanned

let's take a trip
to another city
one small--just like ours
oh, so itty bitty

let's take a trip
to somewhere far away
where no one knows us
and all we'll do is play

let's take a trip
down to guatemala
we can live in the forest
and have a pina colada

let's take a trip
to san francisco
where the sand is purple
and we'll go to discos

let's take a trip
through western europe
where we'll eat belgium waffles
with lots of syrup

let's take a trip
to see a cheap play
we can go to england
and stay all day

let's take a trip
where the grass is greener
we can roll in the yard
with no more than one misdemeanor

let's take a trip
to our home
the day spent in bed
like they do in rome

let's take a trip
down memory lane
full or laughter
or maybe full of pain

let's take a trip
down to the store
we'll buy weird cereal
like chips galore

let's take a trip
where they'll never find us
where we won't have to whisper
and there will be no fuss

let's take a trip
to maggie moo's
with all those odd flavors
how will we choose?

let's take a trip
and not know where we're going
just ride the freeway
till the car needs toeing

let's take a trip
where we can eat weird food
the really exotic kind
that can put you in the mood

let's take a trip
through cyberspace
maybe i'll get lucky
and i'll see your face

let's take a trip
to where i don't know
will it be fun?
we won't know till we go

Writer's Block: Carpe Diem

How often do you think about, and plan for, the future? Do you think it ever interferes with your ability to live in the moment?

I think about and plan for the future quite a bit, as far as future colleges and such, but I don't think it interferes with my ability to live in the moment. In fact, I think it pushes me to d o better in the moment, because by remember what I want to do with my life, I can make the right decisions now. Because all the at I do now affects my future.

from beach to goo gone

today, i went to the beach with myriam's family, and her, her brother and i all got tar all over our feet within fifteen minutes. we soon left (we were at huntington beach, by the way). when we got back, Ingrid (myriam's mom) googled how to get tar off, and it said nailpolish remover, so we worked at out tarry feet for a good ten minutes, until myriam ran over to her neighbor's house to ask them if they had anything to get rid of tar. They gave us "goo gone" and i t worked really well, and we got hte majority of it off within 5 minutes, and it didn't burn myriam's sensitive feet (my feet are heavily calloused). So ya, just thought you should all be warned to not only stay away from huntington beach, but that if you do get tar, on anything, that goo gone works really well.

late night/early morning writings 1:noteven poetry

It's night's like these I wonder
what it would've been like if I had said no.
just  one word, could have changed everything.
i wouldn't have you.

that's hard to imagine,
life without you , that is.
you're not just part of it,
you are it.
i know it's cheesy, but it's true.

oh myriam, i write you bad poetry,
i bitch about every little thing
sometimes i don't call
and sometimes i call to often.
someitmes i lie,
and tell you that i'm not reading
when i'm at a good part in the book
and sometimes i keep on going
when you tell me to stop.
half the time i don't listen
to anything you say,
and the other half the time i hear it
then purposely forget it later.

i'm so bad to you,
i wonder why you're here.
though, i am usually pondering
te happiness that you bring
trying to figure out what it is
that makes you so amazing.
so far all i have is that you're myriam.
and you're just awesome like that.

i don't think i[ll call this a poem.
it'd be really sad if i did.
though that may have some to do
with the fact that's it's quarter to 3 am
and you've been asleep for hours.

but i can't sleep
i miss you too much.

this sucks,
i'm hurting in my chest.
it's a deep, almost echoing ache
resonating from withing my chest,
notifying me that you're not here.
hello, i can tell, i don't need your 'help'
thankya very much!

oh myriam,
it feel so good to think your name.
i want to say it soo much.
but my room has been quiet
for quite some time now,
andi don't know if im ready to end the silence just yet.

i'm getting tired.
i think i'll go to sleep
good night, my love
and anyone else
who is currently worse off than i am
wandering livejournal posts
and reading noteven poetry
that's a good one
(not really)
tha'ts what gonna call this
noteven poetry.
thank you people who wander livejournal,
in leading me to find the name
for whatever the helll
kind of literature i'm writing






good night, moon,
or good morning,
if you have a mathematical stick up your ass.

good night, myriam

and good nigh,t live journal.
i'm sorry for putting you through this, lovies.